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Indonesia volcano erupts again, hampering rescue operations******

Indonesia's Mount Semeru spewed more ash yesterday, hampering the search for survivors as aerial images showed the extent of the devastation unleashed by the volcano's deadly weekend eruption.。

The biggest mountain on the island of Java thundered to life on Saturday, ejecting a mushroom of volcanic ash high into the sky and raining hot mud as thousands of panicked people fled their homes. At least 15 were killed.。

Aerial photos showed entire streets filled with grey volcanic ash and mud, which had swallowed many homes and vehicles, including whole trucks.。

Indonesia's national disaster agency said 27 people were still missing.。

"I'm still hoping my son will be found ... Every time I hear victims have been found, I hope it is my son," said Maskur Suhri of Sumberwuluh village, who was collecting palm tree sap when Semeru erupted.。

"There's a very small chance he survived ... Maybe it's my son's fate, but I still hope he'll be found, even just his body."

Fresh volcanic activity yesterday hampered search efforts, forcing rescue teams to pull out from some areas.。

"There was a small fresh eruption and it could endanger the evacuation teams," said rescue worker Rizal Purnama.。

Dangerous thick plumes of smoke continued to emerge from areas blanketed by the volcanic ash, while rescuers in hardhats tried to dig through the mud to try and find survivors – and recover bodies.。

Their task was made more difficult as the volcanic debris had started to harden. "It's very difficult ... with simple tools," Rizal Purnama said. "It is very likely bodies that have not been found are buried under the hot mudflow."

Other rescuers helped desperate villagers salvage their belongings from wrecked homes.。

Some locals lifted mattresses and furniture on their shoulders while others carried goats in their arms.。

Officials have advised locals not to travel within five kilometers of Semeru's crater, as the nearby air is highly polluted and could affect vulnerable groups.。

Ash from Semeru traveled up to 4 kilometers away after the Saturday eruption, Indonesia's geological agency reported.。

A sand mine company's office in Kampung Renteng village was buried after the eruption, trapping 15 people, according to foreman Hasim, 65, who like many Indonesians goes by one name.。

"There's no news from them. Only one operator was rescued, he's now at the hospital with burns," he said.。

Hasim said he ran home after the eruption. "It was pitch dark," he added. "It was only 3pm but it looked like night."

Rescue officials said some were buried inside their vehicles, with no time to escape.。

Those who managed to find shelter recounted the horror after the eruption.。

Suwarti Ningsi and her daughter were trapped for five hours at home after the eruption.。

"I couldn't see anything, it was just like at night. Everybody was panicking," said the 42-year-old. "I could only pray ... for me and my daughter to be saved."

Rain is forecast for the area, which could further hinder rescue work.。

Semeru's last major eruption was in December 2020, which also forced thousands to flee and wrecked villages.。

Indonesia sits on the Pacific Ring of Fire, where the meeting of continental plates causes high volcanic and seismic activity, and the country has nearly 130 active volcanoes.。

China's tax, fee cuts exceed 910 bln yuan in first three quarters******

BEIJING, Nov. 5 (Xinhua) -- China's tax and fee cuts totaled 910.1 billion yuan (142.25 billion U.S. dollars) during the first three quarters of the year, according to data from the State Taxation Administration.。

Some 788.9 billion yuan of taxes and 121.2 billion yuan of fees were reduced, according to the administration.。

Since the beginning of this year, a mix of tax and fee cuts have been announced to alleviate financial burdens on businesses and strengthen market vitality, the administration said. Enditem。

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Chinese footballers have to learn to deal with media, says former Chinese international******

BEIJING, Nov. 1 (Xinhua) -- Chinese football players have to come to terms with criticism from the media with a strong mentality, said former Chinese international Li Yi.。

Chinese players, especially the national team ones, tend to become the laughing stock of the fans when things go wrong with them, said the head coach of China's second-tier side Sichuan Jiuniu.。

"Above all, you need to be mentally strong to face the criticism. Otherwise, you probably cannot get over it," said Li.。

"When I was young, I could not figure out why others could get away with a mistake on the field while that could leave me having to face a flood of stick," he said.。

"But you have to get to grips with it, which in turn could help you develop a strong mentality," he added.。

Li made those comments when the Chinese national team is under fire after they won one and lost three of their first four games in the third round of Asian World Cup qualifiers.。

"The fact that you are being criticized means you are still being valued," Li noted. Enditem。

柠檬精排酸指南:错过了姨夫传教,Sony Expo还有什么可看? ******

原标题:柠檬精排酸指南:错过了姨夫传教,Sony Expo还有什么可看? | 云逛展



















索尼展会,怎么可能少得了 PlayStation 的身影呢。







其实现场还有不少别的好东西,比如索尼移动的最新旗舰Xpeira 1,可惜只能看看不能摸。好在今年的索尼紫颜色超正,可以安心入手了。另外现场还有 X10 Plus 可供把玩,21:9名不虚传,带鱼屏是真的高。





就像这是姨夫退休前的最后一次官方身份出现一样,Sony Expo 2019,4月21号就是最后一天了。不过索尼官方的活动还是会继续。虽然不会像昨天姨夫到场那么热闹,但仍然会有超好看的美女摄影师,到现场介绍一些摄影方面的技巧。不管是看人还是听课,都可以报个名去坐坐。





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